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10 best Facebook groups for an SMM professional


To achieve the effect of promotion in social networks, it is not always possible to use information from the reference sections or find an answer in search engines. If you have to solve technical problems, then waiting for a response from technical support is long and not always useful. The experience of other users is always much more effective in helping to cope with a problem or find a new solution. A fairly strong professional community of SMM specialists has gathered on Facebook. We have collected the top 10 most interesting and useful groups.

SMM party

Group “SMM-tusovochka” is a community of professional SMM-specialists. Here employees of advertising agencies, independent experts, and representatives of startups exchange experience (ask questions or answer them). There are over 44,000 people in the group.

Users are very active in discussing SMM issues and are good at helping newbies. It also publishes a lot of useful content and links to various services that will definitely come in handy in your work. It is here that you can immediately find out about the latest updates on social networks.

SMM on Instagram

The group “SMM on Instagram” will give answers to questions about the social network Instagram. This is the Native page community. Here you can discuss the features of promotion in this social network, get acquainted with interesting techniques and services, and see successful cases. If you are a beginner, you will also be interested here.

The main topics also concern free promotion methods, working with bloggers and determining markups. You will find out what exchanges are and how best to pay for promotion on Instagram. But publications about other social networks are not allowed. The group has over 38,000 members.

Social media marketing and sales

The Social Media Marketing and Sales group brings together professional marketers and SMM specialists. Social media marketing and sales are discussed here, and a community of competent and responsive people is being built. The group has more than 19,000 members.

Participants discuss professional issues – using CRM systems for working in social networks, promoting e-commerce. And sometimes they are just ready to listen if something went wrong at work and you find yourself in a crisis situation.

SMM on Facebook – from likes to sales

The group “SMM on Facebook – from likes to sales” brought together experts on Facebook and its technologies. Here you can meet users from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, CIS countries. The group discusses the specifics of promotion on Facebook – from reach through engagement to communication and sales. Users also answer questions very quickly. Now there are over 17,000 participants.

There is also the possibility of training in the group – modules. They include 2 parts: educational and research. In the first one, you can read the basics and ask questions in the comments. In the second, posts are attached that are of research interest.

The secret secrets of targeted advertising

The Secret Secrets of Targeted Advertising group gathered specialists in targeted advertising. Most often, advertising opportunities and cases of Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, Yandex are discussed here, but you can also find posts on VKontakte. Interesting vacancies are also sometimes posted. From experience, here you can ask any technical question about the ad settings and get an answer from the participants in about 1-2 hours. The group has 11,000 users – many are active. The founder of the group is Ilya Rabchenok. He also created the “Directors Club” project.

SMM and content strategy, SMM content funnel strategy

In the group “SMM and content strategy, SMM content funnel strategy” you can find information for business owners, marketers. It discusses content strategies based on marketing funnels. In addition, they will help you build complete marketing cycles, design a sales funnel. Users share their experiences and interesting cases. The group has over 4,000 members. Participants publish interesting and useful content on the topics of the group, share materials from marketing conferences.

Reputation management

Competently managing a brand’s reputation on social media is one of the ingredients for success. The Reputation Management group will help you figure out how to do it correctly and not harm anyone. The group has more than 8,000 members.

Here you can find information and ask questions about image formation, reputation management, PR on the Internet, SMM, and SERM, learn about black PR, media wars, and manipulation of public opinion. Users post interesting cases and share experiences, help newbies.

Work in SMM – vacancies and job search for SMM-specialist and manager

Job search is also important, therefore a group for job search and performers has also been included in our list – “Work in SMM – vacancies and job search for SMM specialist and manager”. The community has almost 36,000 members.

Here you can not only find a job but also learn how to present yourself to the employer, how to check the performer – first-hand information. Articles from the famous recruiter Alena Vladimirskaya appear in the community. 20-30 new posts appear here a day.


Another interesting group for finding a job is ON_ REMOTE. The group is closed, but it has more than 30,000 members. It’s definitely worth joining. Here you can always find SMM specialists or find suitable vacancies. The reference point here is precisely to work remotely.

The main thing is to follow the rules of the community and if you have posted a vacancy or are looking for a job, then respond to requests on time. Administrators have strict requirements for vacancies and do not accept abstract requirements for posting, from a series of “looking for all”.

Let’s write

For an SMM specialist, copywriting skills are very important. The closed group “Let’s write” was created for those who write. There are many experienced copywriters here and you can learn a lot of useful information about how to write and edit your texts. The group is supported and developed by the team of the Moroshka project. The group has more than 16,000 members.

Beginners can upload their work here and more experienced participants will help you figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. Any negativity is strictly suppressed here, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

We tried to collect all the groups on Facebook, where you can get professional support from other users, find work and employees. We really hope that our selection will help you implement interesting ideas and quickly solve technical problems in social networks 🙂

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