It’s her birthday and you are away from her? Feeling sad and want to make her feel special?

Want to give her extra love? But confused about how to do it? Don’t worry we understand living long distance is really tough and when these special occasions come it’s just become more difficult. As you love her and wanna celebrate her birthday. So use options like online flower delivery in India and make her smile. This will surely make her feel special and blessed. As love has no boundaries, no amount of distance can affect your relationship, so don’t be sad and cheer up, we also have 5 amazing ideas to surprise your long-distance girlfriend on her birthday-

  1. Surprise her – The best thing you can do is just to bump in on her place and surprise her with a bouquet. We know it’s difficult to manage travel, work, studies, etc. but trust me all of this will surely be worth it. As for what is better than being with her, no amount of chats can replace face to face talk with your hands tangled. Don’t forget to take a bouquet and cake with you, of course, because it’s her birthday. If you don’t know the place, just order bouquet online and cake also. As these are easily available and will represent love to your lady.
  2. Organise a surprise group video call – In the pandemic, this has surely been in the tread, so you can surely do this. Adding to this you can also make those cute videos with your group or solo which has a sweet message for her. This will make her feel special as everyone loves to hear about them, and if your boyfriend is appreciating her it is just cherry-like cherry on the cake. You can also Organise a video call every hour with her friends and family with sweet messages just to make her feel special the whole day.
  3. Organise a virtual art date – In these times of pandemic, this is a great idea to make your girl happy and feel special. If she is an art lover then you will surely get brownie points. What you can do is set a virtual date for her and both of you together paint small objects and show each other, you can also paint things that resemble her, you can paint things for each other and this will surely be a very new and creative idea. This will surely let her fall for you once again just don’t forget to make her feel extra special by pouring your heart out loud.
  4. Make Mix-tape just for her – Music is the best friend of everyone. So what you can do is to make a special playlist just for her, add every song she loves, songs that you listen to which make you miss her, songs which resemble her personality and taste. You can use different options available virtually like Spotify or Ganna app. If you are the person who likes hard copies of gifts, different options like radio tape and small speakers are available easily to gift her and make them feel blessed to have you.
  5. Frame your heart – This is also a great option. In this a lot of options are available like you can make a map in heart shape and add places that both of you want to visit together, you can also cut out her picture heart shape with everything she loves this says that she is living in your heart, you can also write your feelings for her in heart shape and then frame it and send it to her with bouquet or cake. As this is a customized gift for her on her birthday, you have put your efforts into it, so anyway she is going to love it. This will also make her happy as you have put in your efforts for her.

These are the 5 amazing and simple ideas of what you can do on her birthday and make her feel good. As we know it is difficult for you to be in a long-distance relationship, all these small surprises will maintain the spark in your relationship, so just don’t think twice before doing it. Also if you are really busy just send Birthday flowers online to her, this will not take much of your time.

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