Be it a family gathering or a formal event with peers or colleagues, sometimes styling outfits gets overwhelming. Mind struggles, even if it’s just a bottom to select in between like what to pair with which shirt. To help you with that, we’ve listed down 7 different bottom styles that go well with formal ethnic shirts. Let’s begin:

1.    Gharara Pants

Considered the epitome of elegance, gharara has always been an all-time classic bottom to pair with a traditional shirt. Today, the conventional gharara has been modified to what we call, gharara pants. It is outfitted from the waist to knees with sleek refined stitched pleats at the knees and wide pant legs staying below the ankle. It comes in a myriad of rich fabrics and earthy tones. To carry it in the right manner, pair it with a traditional short shirt like a tunic, Anarkali, or a mid-sized kurti and a contrasting dupatta.

2.    Shalwar/Pants

Shalwar is an all-time classic and favorite of many. These are loose-fitting trousers that are generally wide at the waist and narrow to a cuffed bottom. Historically, it originated in South Asia and became famous among both men and women of South and Central Asia. Today, it is a women’s staple and no woman can imagine not having it in her wardrobe. Shalwar is both used for formal events and worn casually around the house too.

Want to exhibit a more smart and modish look? Try a tulip shalwar.

Grab basic shalwars for casual use from Dhanak’s casual pret in Pakistan and formal raw silk ones to pair with luxury pret shirts.

3.    Straight Pants

Straight-leg pants have become a wardrobe staple now. These pants have consistent leg width with straight silhouettes and relaxed modern-fit from thighs to ankles. Straight pants offer comfort with a classic modish fit and add character to every outfit. This is one of those pants that pair well with any kind of shirt.

Dhanak, a women’s ready-to-wear brand in Pakistan, has an exciting collection of straight pants.

4.    Boot-Cut Pants

Many people confuse boot-cut pants with bell-bottoms and use terms interchangeably but they are not exactly the same. Boot-cut is rather a hybrid of straight-cut pants and bell-bottoms. It snug fits around the thighs and flares or widens around the knees to ankles. Embroidered boot-cut pants fall nicely over high heels and pointy toe shoes and make a statement when paired with a short shirt/kurta.

5.    Cigarette Pants

Cigarette pants are known for their snug fit and chic look. These slim-fitted pants come in a variety of fabrics and with embellishments like net laces and beads or you can get it stitched too. It looks the best when paired with a mid-sized shirt and a front or side slit shirt.

6.    Bell-Bottoms/Flare Pants

Bell-bottoms or flare pants is an all-time classic bottom style that got famous in the 60’s first. It comes wider from the knees downward and forms a bell-like shape of the pant leg. A simple pair of bell-bottoms can be amped up by adding laces, buttons, or beads or simply buy an embroidered one. To create a super chic look, pair it with a long-sleeved short-length shirt and finish the look with pointy-toe or stiletto heels.

7.    Churidaar Pajama

Churidaar pajama is yet another classic variant of trousers which is famous since the times of our great-grandmothers. Originally it was an outfit of Nawab’s, both men and women. It has atypical narrow-fitting revealing the contours of shins. Being longer than the legs, the excess length falls into folds that rest at the ankle and looks like a set of bangles thus called churidaar. These pajamas pair well with long frocks, straight shirts, and loose-fit kurtas.

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