This winter plans an easy trek in the adventure capital of Uttarakhand. Covered with snow, the Kedarkantha trek is basically suitable for any time in the year.

Be it summer, spring, autumn, or winter any time one can plan and reach the top of the Kedarkantha trek.

Located in the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary at Uttarakashi district of Uttarakhand, this trek is very popular.

Shining at an elevation of 3,800 meters, this peak is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Also known as Bal-Kedar, this place holds a very deep connection with Lord Shiva.

Kedarkantha is a seasonal trekking destination and very famous among beginners. This trek within nature ends in the cloudy snowy peaks. 

Surrounded by nature the trail is also very exciting. Covered with dense forest and many natural landscapes, Kedarkantha is populated most time of the year. 

Reach the base camp at Sankri and set camp for at least 6 days and feel rejuvenated.

Trekking guide

Start the trek early in the morning but keep in mind the trek is not going to be easy. The climbing will be on the steep slope and the mountain ranges all around.

But it will not feel a burden to climb the trail to this peak as it is the most beautiful one. A dense green forest with tall oak trees is the first thing that will make you fall in love.

One will feel like being inside a calendar because the view is just like that. Tall deodar, oak, and Pine trees are stretched till the end of the way, it is so mesmerizing that it will hard to leave.

Things to do

Along with trekking and camping, skiing is one of the adventurous sports that is loved by the daredevils.

The highest peak and the snowy base is perfectly suitable for skiing. During winters, skiers are found very active in this part of the Garhwal Himalayas. 

For beginners in skiing, an introductory class can be found at Sanskri. Along with all types of equipment required for skiing, a beginner can learn everything about skiing.

Sankri Zipline ride is the highest zipline of Sanskri village or Saur village. This ride passes over the saur village and provides a birds-eye view of the village.

The length of the zipline is 700m and it is coordinated by professionals. The zipline goes on for 1 hr and costs around Rs.1800. 

For many moving towards Har Ki Doon and Kedarkantha trek, this zip line falls at the very base of the village.


No hotels or brand resorts but something better is available for the trekkers to stay overnight.

When camping a stay can also be done in the mystical campsite of Juda ka talav, Kedarkantha base, and Hargaon. Some rest stops are available and essential for a long trek like this.

Tents can also be provided along with many homestay facilities. For the first and last day, homestays are the best and available option.

While staying among the locals, it is a very unique experience to know about their lifestyle which very different.

Food and other services

The local cuisine of the area is the most food that will be served to the tourists. No other local food supplier could be found at the high altitude land base.

But in the local cuisine red rice, Bichu Ghas ki sabzi, and Mandwa ka roti are a must-try. All this food if served in the house of someone will make you feel like a local for some days.

Or else tourists can also hire or ask some local guides for the food supplies but it also advisable to buy some sustainable food items from lower ground.

Other services than food include electricity which will be lastly found in Sanskri the base, Gaichawan Gaon, and kotgaon. Keep an extra power bank, charged batteries for the camera, or any other digital device.

For any medical emergencies, the available hospitals can be found at Mori, Barkot, Mussorie, and Dehradun. 

Things to carry

  • Trekking shoes
  • Trekking pole
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Moisturizer
  • Wollen clothes including socks and gloves
  • Packed food
  • Water bottle
  • First-aid kit
  • Tents
  • Gators and spikes
  • Jackets
  • An extra piece of clothes
  • Some utensils
  • Tablets for nausea or headaches


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