Impossible. A word that a growing child does not need to hear. At their age of aspiring and exploring different passions if someone tells them it is impossible, imagine how would they feel? Quitting at something they have not even started to dream about may become the reason they will not be trying anything new anymore. Even if they wish to give a go at something they might be too scared or lack confidence for it. It is by the time, their inner voices take over before doing anything daring thus stopping the individual to do it.

The term low self-esteem associates with this behavior. A person who acts in a certain way mentioned above is said to have low self-esteem. It basically means they do not feel like they deserve anything good and lack confidence. In another way, they also overthink about the bad consequences of any task to be performed. Thoughts like what if they embarrass themselves or make a mistake are often rummaging through their minds. Low self-esteem commonly is found in teenagers but young people having the issue see themselves from different perspectives as to compare with others who might view them normally.

Low self-esteem affects many important aspects of life and develops into a serious problem if not treated properly. It can result in a relationship as well as friendship troubles, negative thoughts about everything, poor physical fitness, hyper-vigilance, low academic performance, low motivation and affects many other important phases in life. The causes of low self-esteem are:

–          Parents or guardians. In Pakistan, many people decide their child’s future by themselves. This culture does not allow the person to take a stand for themselves as they are told to be quiet from the beginning. Big decisions like career, job, and marriage are done by adults which results in a lack of confidence in doing their own things. They are made to believe they cannot do major things alone and have to depend on others quietly.

–          Life traumas. Anything disturbing that happened in life stays with the person forever. They avoid interactions with others and are not able to develop a strong personality. They develop social anxiety disorder thinking of themselves as worthless and unlovable.

–          Friends. The most common worst type of friends is found in educational institutes which play a role in your early life and what kind of person you turn out to be. Those so-called friends who are always degrading you through jokes and sarcasm lower your self-esteem. They pinpoint and make fun of everything you would do just to share a laugh but that is very wrong.

–          Negativity. Thinking worse of everything pulls you down so much that you feel unmotivated and not even worthy of giving it a try. People avoid socializing with others because of fear of being judged or getting ridiculed. They often remain quiet despite having innovative ideas at an event because they do not think they trust themselves enough to say it out loud.

Last year since the pandemic took over, life became more difficult. Every day was a new challenge where many people lost their family, source of income, and other valuables. It did not come as a surprise when a large majority of all age types started losing hope and motivation. They went into depressive states and their self-esteem lowered. Those who were going to begin new chapters in life had to hold back as well as survive. To help these affected individuals and maintain their mental wellbeing many health sectors launched online health clinics in Pakistan.

The process of treatment became easier when technology met with health management. While staying at home, people could access a professional hospital environment. There turned out to be many advantages of an online health clinic in Pakistan such as:

  • Cost-effective
  • Less time consuming
  • Transport not required
  • Health professionals always available
  • Benefit for rural areas

ReliveNow is a web-based foundation that provides suitable solutions for mental health issues. Its staff built off the best psychologist in Karachi and other cities are well qualified with certified licenses. Its successful launch of a virtual clinic played a significant role in helping people throughout the pandemic. The foundation recommends you to a preferable therapist after a fifteen-minute free counseling session.

By reference to the best psychologist in Karachi, people with extremely low self-esteem should seek therapy as it is durable and can result in a life-changing experience. The symptoms of having self-esteem are quite noticeable. It also needs the individual to recognize their problem and accept the fact they need help. Some common symptoms are:

–          feeling demotivated

–          avoid social events

–          less interested in anything

–          doubt yourself often

–          constant fear of being embarrassed

–          self-loathing

–          unable to take criticism and compliments

–          negative self-talks

–          depressed mood

People who neglect their mental health and regard depression, anxiety along low self-esteem as normal phases of life need to realize how they are wrong. The social stigma associated with mental health therapy is slowly breaking as everyone in today’s world takes their mental health wellbeing as a basic necessity. So those with low self-esteem should go to therapy once and if not comfortable with in-person they can have one through online health clinics in Pakistan. With support from family and friends, there is a way to develop positive self-esteem.

The therapist lets you open up about yourself and notice how the change began. Even a few helpful therapy sessions are enough to gain back confidence in yourself. They might set a goal to attend social affairs once and work on their communication skills. Writing positive things about yourself and adding good compliments from others helps to boost up your mood. Try out a healthy diet plan and set a routine to exercise. Choose to do something you are better at so in this way you will have faith in yourself and no fear of failure. Attempting to boost your self-esteem also takes courage and in no way you should think you will be judged when it is you learning self-care and self-love.

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