Candies are one of the most favorite sweets among the young and the adults. They are not limited to any specific occasion. Candies can be presented at parties or to a guest. They can be given as a gift, or as a prize for encouraging the children into doing certain tasks. So they have a large market around them, and hence the competition is also very tough. The candy-making companies always try to come up with something new and unique to beat the competitors and stand out in the market.

For most candy lovers, the packaging can be something that gets dismissed quickly in search of the real sweet goodness inside. But now for the designers and those with an observational eye, the packaging of the candies and chocolates is fast becoming an area of keen interest. It can be said without a doubt that the more attractive and eye-catching the candy boxes and wraps are, the more people will be intent on trying them out. 

Custom Candy Packaging

There are many areas where the work could be done to attract customers to your brand. One of them is the packaging of candies. The companies put their maximum labor into designing some innovative candy packaging. Being attractive and functional should be the key features of the candy packages, and of course, ease of access on the consumer end is also very important. The right custom candy packaging should be consumer-friendly, attractive and eye-catching, and easy for the retail shops to stock. Most of the brands rely on cardboard boxes as an.

Cardboard is sturdy and durable stuff so it can effectively prevent damages during transportation and ideal solution for candy custom packaging shipping. We can also use foils or custom inserts to provide more product protection. Similarly, bubbles and shrink wraps can also be considered as an option to further protect the candies.

What the Customers Look for

The customers undeniably care very much about the product packaging and take a deep look at it before making a purchase. The customers tend to judge the quality of the product by its packaging, and it takes them just a few seconds. They are not only attracted by the aesthetic appeal of the custom candy packaging but are also affected by the fact that it is environmentally friendly or not.

The customers face disappointment if they find a small stack of candies in a large box. If the brand makes this mistake, it can affect sales negatively. You will not only push away the customers by setting the wrong expectations but also by the fact that a large packaging means more environmental waste.

Effective Packaging for the Candies

Modern shoppers prefer minimal and simplistic printings on the custom candy boxes which are easy to decipher. Designing effective packaging is not very difficult, there are just a few things that need to be kept in mind. Both the inside and the outside of the boxes should supplement each other for an attractive design and effective packaging.

You should go for a high-quality material for the custom candy packaging. It should be cost-effective and eco-friendly, and it should also take the printing well. The candies need durable and strong boxes to be packed in so that they won’t get melted or spoiled during their shipping. 

The Custom Candy Packaging of Hard Candies

Many different techniques are used in the packaging and marketing of candies. The final decision is made by keeping in view the type and quantity of candies being processed. For instance, the hard candies go through a primary and secondary packaging procedure. First, every piece of candy is packaged one by one. A double twist wrap or an air-tight horizontal flow wrap is generally used for the hard candies.

Here completes the primary packaging process. In the secondary process, these individually packed hard candies are taken and put through a supplementary bagging process. It makes them ready for retail sale. The manufacturers may choose a bag in a custom candy packaging model for their high-end candies. This gives the item a more peculiar and exclusive look when it is placed on the retail shelf.

The Jelly Based Candies

The jelly-based soft candies need a different sort of packaging. Cello wrapping, twist wrappers, or horizontal fill and seal will do the best for the individual sale. These models are primarily for the larger, single-serving candies. This technique makes the product easy to stock on the retail shelf, and also easy and convenient for the customers to use.

Bagging is the most popular way of custom candy packaging for sweets like gummy bears and jelly beans. This method can be used as either a primary or secondary packaging process. Plain or printed boxes can be filled with the product directly when used as a primary method. When they are sealed, they are packaged for shipment and are for retail sale.


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