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Checks To Carry Out if Your WordPress Website Is Down


You may have often heard, “You cannot sit back and relax just when your website is published on the server.” Well, that is quite true as WordPress maintenance services after publishing a website are a must. Doing the contrary will put your website in danger of getting attacked or prone to errors like “sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.

WordPress maintenance services include website backups and many such services. Sometimes even the minor overlooked elements can cause your website to go down.

This article will focus on some checks that you should carry out if your WordPress website is down.

Checks To Carry Out When Your Website Is Down

Look Out For Broken Links

When you unpublish a post, the content on that URL is deleted while the link itself stays. We call such links broken links. Broken links of the most common reasons why WordPress Sites go down are broken links because they are vulnerable and an easy target for cyber-attacks.

You should run a regular check for broken links on your WordPress site to keep it from broken links. Another good practice is to use a redirection plugin to transfer the traffic from broken links to the live pages.

The Contact Form

Now, this is a crucial part as your customer reaches out to you through the contact forms. There are times when the contact form looks fine from the outside, but the things are broken inside it. Even when a customer fills out a way to contact you, there is a high chance he won’t reach you. This often happens after the updates.

It is crucial to carry out monthly checks on your contact forms, especially after the updates, to see if it’s working the way it should.

Optimizing The Database

Speed is the key to success for any website out there. There are times when your website experiences slow loading speeds. The reason might be simple; as time passes on, your WordPress website’s database can store tons of cached data. Your website and, worst of all, no longer need this data, it causes your website to slow down.

It is recommended to delete such data using WordPress database optimization tools to ensure that your website loads faster. However, before doing optimization on the database, backing up the website is a must.

Check For The Comments Spam

Spam comments below the posts can badly damage the reputation of a website. It is vital to review comment spam on the website on a regular basis using spam plugins. These plugins place possibly spam comments into the quarantine section from where you can either delete them permanently or restore them if they are not spam. It is recommended to remove spam comments from your website posts on a weekly basis to ensure that your posts seem relevant.

Check For Unwanted Changes On The Front End

There are times when you find out unwanted and unexpected changes on the front-end display of your website. This often happens when you update the plugins of your WordPress website. Here you execute some investigation to find out where the problem is and fix it. You can always restore your website to the pre updated version. It is important to remember that you shouldn’t carry out significant software changes or updates on the live website unless you have tested them out on a staging or testing site.

These are some of the many necessary checks you should carry out if your website goes down. One of these might be affecting your website’s performance.

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