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After accomplishing secondary school, most students keep looking for options that lead them to high-paying jobs and a bright career ahead. With deep aspirations and numerous professional and vocational courses, the choice is chaotic and complex.

Some courses help in maintaining a balance of dreams and reality while analyzing career insights. It is crucial to pay attention to job-oriented courses and provide practical training to make students industry-ready professionals.

HCL’s Early Career Program is one such course with an excellent offering to have a job in the leading IT giant of India. This career training program HCL for students who wish to be financially independent after the 12th. Generally, after school, students choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree or a diploma course. Still, it is essential to know the importance of financial independence immediately after completing schooling. This makes for one of the most intelligent choices that any student can make to build a stable career and start it before peers.

Many courses offer an on-job training pattern to support students’ aspirations to build a career as soon as possible after completing school. The Early Career program from HCL is one such course that aims to give wings to students’ dreams. The integrated course is an exclusive job training program for freshers who have just completed XIIth and seek full-time employment.

The course has three different stages, where candidates get professionally trained to be a part of the IT industry.

  • Classroom Training: This includes intense classroom training followed by three months to six months of on-job training where candidates work and practice on live projects.
  • On-Job-Training: The next stage in the career training program is on-job training. Candidates handle day-to-day work and deal with real-life clients and projects. Those who complete HCL TechBee- HCL’s Early Career Program join HCL as IT Engineers.
  • Higher Education: While working at HCL, these scholars can enroll in higher education programs at SASTRA University and BITS Pilani. The candidates can opt for courses like B.Sc, BCA, MCA, M.Tech, M.Sc.

The candidates strictly undergo a 12-month on-job training program made for entry-level jobs in the IT industry. Once the applicants complete the program, they are free to seek full-time employment opportunities at HCL and enroll into the degree program at BITS Pilani or SASTRA University.

The 12-months hybrid training program focuses on the overall development of a student who has just stepped out of school. The Early Career Program prepares and converts amateurs into industry-ready professionals.

This work-integrated learning package fits aptly to all the needs of the gen-next. It strategically positions for early-stage benefits to students. In a short span of 5 years, trainees earn the perks of employment and professional experience while also have an academic degree from the best universities.

Who Should Choose to Enrol into Early Career Program?

  • Those Looking for Financial Independence and World Class Training: Students who have recently completed their 12th and are looking for financial independence after school must check out this Career training program. The program offers a regular fixed stipend during training. Also, the program’s module is designed to offers the best modern training under experts. The excellent starting packages after placement is an additional bonus!
  • Those Looking to Start Career Immediately After School: HCL’s Early Career Program prepares trainees to be ahead of their peers who would otherwise opt for the traditional academic course after 12th. The TechBee aspirants get an opportunity to kickstart a career in the IT sector immediately after the 12th, once they complete the program successfully.

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