Icreame cone

Each product is unique and requires specialized packaging and H5 packaging is a well-known brand in the packaging industry. Custom cone sleeve packaging is used for the packaging of edible items mostly because of the attractive-looking design. When in use these cone sleeves act as a casing whilst enhancing the visibility of the products that are packed inside. That makes H5 packaging a One-stop shop for custom cone sleeves  

Why H5 packaging? 

The answer to the question is the products and the services this company has to offer. There is a whole team of professionals always at your disposal. They will help you make the best choices and provide you with useful options. 

Making the product look attractive is one of the main reasons why brand owners use packaging. But making it durable is yet another very important factor. But working with H5 packaging you don’t have to worry about such problems. They use the best quality materials for your custom sleeve cone packaging that provides you durability and security against environmental factors. 


H5 packaging focuses on providing the best quality to your business. And if you want a lasting relationship with your customers that focuses on annual profits this is something that you cannot ignore. And to make the products more reachable for the customers business owners have to sometimes narrow down the profit margin as well. And in that time, they cannot just afford to spend a lot of money on the packaging of the product and the affordability of H5 packaging will come in handy. This way the business will create enough room for itself to succeed in the industry and remain competitive.

Design and printing

Designing the packaging is one of the most crucial steps if you want to make any brand successful. And H5 packaging offers hundreds of designs that will suit relative products and compliment them.

They use the latest high-tech machines available in the market to get the perfect boxes. As well as this makes it possible to get error-free packaging results. This eliminates the chances of getting faulty packaging.

CMYK and PMS printing techniques are used with cutting-edge machines, this makes the packaging of the sleeves more vivid and striking.

But designing does not end there as you can add some custom finish to the packaging. There are some glossy and matte, spot UV, foiling, embossing, and debossing finishes available for the material that is to be used in the packaging. This makes the products look premium and up to the mark.

Environment friendly

It is necessary to make packaging eco-friendly. The material that is used in this packaging is mostly paper and e-kraft that can be recycled multiple times. That reduces the negative effect on the environment. H5 packaging makes sure that these products do not harm the environment in any manner. Having environment-friendly packaging can have a positive effect on the overall outlook of the company/brand. This will benefit both the environment and the business.

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