You may want to explore advertising options outside of Amazon if you feel that you have not taken full advantage of the many advertising solutions available to your business.

Nearly 74% of consumers start their product search online when they shop for them online. This is a remarkable figure, but what about the remaining 26%? External traffic can help you reach more customers.

Why you need to drive external traffic to your Amazon listings

As Amazon’s competition continues to increase, so do your research and find more ways to drive qualified traffic. Amazon offers powerful internal advertising solutions for sellers and brands. However, it is possible to miss sales if you don’t advertise outside of Amazon.

It is important to ensure that your directory optimization and conversion rate are in place before you begin driving traffic to Amazon listings. You are wasting your time, and even more money, if you don’t have a decent conversion rate. Low quality product descriptions, low quality images and few reviews will not persuade most customers to purchase a product.

The following elements will make up a fully optimized list:

  • High quality Pictures
  • Copy that is SEO-friendly
  • Informational bulletins and detailed product descriptions
  • Amazon A + content (if applicable)
  • 20 to 30 reviews with at least a 4-star rating

You should not send traffic to your new listing if you don’t have any high-quality photos.

The advantage to driving traffic from outside to Amazon over relying only on the three amazon PPC ad types, is that you can direct traffic directly to your Amazon storefront without having to rely on any advertisements or lists of competitors.

You can increase your bestseller ranking

Your sales will increase if your products convert well from Amazon’s direct traffic. You can also send qualified traffic to your listing, which will in turn increase your Best selling rank. Your sales will increase if you have a high bestseller rank.

You can improve your keyword rankings

Amazon seems to favor lists that bring in external traffic. As long as the traffic converts into sales, This is a great way to increase your organic keyword ranking in search results.

You gain valuable insight into your customers

If you are registered with the Amazon Fire Registration program, you have access to a powerful analysis tool called Amazon attribution. Attribution provides brands with detailed analysis and insights that reveal which non-Amazon marketing channels work best for your business.

Ways to drive external traffic to Amazon

1. Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Third-party sellers who are registered on the fire register, as well as suppliers, can access Amazon-sponsored display ads. This tool lets you create display ads both inside and outside Amazon.

Your display ads will be displayed in Amazon search results along with product details. Customers will also see them on third-party websites and apps.

Here’s an example I found on a third-party website of an Amazon-sponsored display advertisement:

Click on the link to be taken to Amazon.

This ad type has been used by 25% of third-party sellers since its launch in 2019. Although this ad type isn’t the most common on Amazon, it still represents 2% of Amazon ad revenue.

It is not a good idea for brand-registered companies to test off-Amazon ads through Sponsored Display.

2. Facebook ads

Did you know that 21% of consumers begin their search for products via social media? This is too large a number to ignore. Facebook advertising is an effective marketing tool. It allows you to target specific demographic groups and interests that are more likely to search for your products and to buy them.

You can create Instagram ads using the Facebook advertising platform. These ads will appear on users’ Instagram feeds as they scroll. If done right, Instagram and Facebook ads can make a big impact on Amazon FBA sales

To find out which Facebook ads convert the most, you can try different versions. You can test different ad copy, compare videos with images, target different audiences and test different ad formats.

3. Marketing on social media

You are likely to fall behind if you don’t have a unique social media marketing strategy. Social media platforms can be used to build your brand, create a friend, connect with your audience, and increase brand awareness. It’s a great marketing opportunity because consumers are constantly looking at their phones.

Your brand can reach thousands, if not millions, of people if you connect with social media influencers within your niche. If done right, effective marketing can have a positive effect on your business.

Collaboration with influential people in your industry can increase your social media reach and help you sell more on Amazon and other ecommerce platforms.

4. Create an email list

Emails are an important marketing asset for e-commerce businesses. As I said, they should be collected as a priority. You may already be aware that Amazon does not provide customer email addresses to sellers unless they have their Manage Your Customer Engagement tool.

An email list allows you to keep track of potential and past customers that have had contact with your brand. With promotional messages and offers created just for them, you can market your products.

5. Affiliated blogs

Although you don’t have complete control over this option, unless you own a niche blog page, this is a great way for you to generate additional traffic to Amazon products.

Many niche websites are run by content creators who are part of the Amazon Associates Program. They include a link to Amazon when they write about a product. They earn a commission each time a blog visitor clicks on the link and purchases the product from Amazon.

Reach out to these blogs, YouTube accounts, and other sites relevant to your niche to inquire if you would like to present your product on their site or YouTube channel.

Do not forget to measure your performance

We mentioned that you should use the Amazon Attribution tool to drive external traffic to your listings. You might not be able to determine if your ads work.

Attribution gives you important metrics like CTR, impressions, and add-to-cart rates. It also shows how many purchases are attributed to each ad channel. Data can be viewed from many external sources, including Facebook, Google, and Youtube. These data are crucial for understanding which advertising channels are most effective and which ones you should optimize or drop.

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