Using dab rigs is not only an effective way to consume cannabis concentrates but is also a great ritual for many. To prepare and execute a perfect dab from a dab rig may require a meditative process and may provide a moment of relief. As you find your natural dabbing rhythm, there are several techniques you can apply to get the most out of the device. These techniques are described below:

Always utilize a carb cap

A carb cap is an electric dab rig accessory that enables the user to more effectively dab at low temperatures. These accessories come in different styles and types, but they all serve a similar function. 

Carb caps trap heat and ensure true vaporization of the hash or dabbing concentrate. After applying your dab onto the banger or nail, you should place the carb cap over the top to receive tasty, low-temperature, and thick hits 

Protect your nail with an insert

An insert is a small bucket that is usually made of quartz or any other precious heat retaining materials. It helps keep the dab rig’s nail/ banger clean and extends its life. Besides, an insert helps ensure you never get to inhale a hot dab that can burn your throat. 

Once your nail is hot, you can drop in the insert and give it a few seconds for the heat to transfer from the hot nail to the insert. 

Also, insert makes dosing and loading dabbing concentrates easy. You can pre-load your dabs on the insert’s surface before dropping it right in. Moreover, inserts are easy to clean. You can obtain multiple inserts and use them interchangeably.

Heat your banger or nail evenly

If you have an electric dab rig, you do not have to worry about heating your banger or nail evenly. Electric dab rigs have a battery that powers a coil which in turn heats the nail/ banger. Conversely, for basic dab rigs, you need a blow torch to heat the nail. Heating your nail evenly using a blowtorch will help prevent the creation of cold and hot spots on the banger. Consequently, the nail will vaporize the dabs thoroughly ensuring you inhale the high-quality vapor from the best portable vaporizers

Also, you should avoid heating the nail to extremely high temperatures as you may damage the nail especially if it is made of either quartz or ceramic. The joints and neck areas of a dab rig’s nail tend to be more susceptible to crack. Therefore, you should avoid applying too much heat to these areas. 

Time your dabs

By using a timer to time your dabs you can gain more consistency in terms of temperature for each dab. The three main types of nails found in modern dab rigs include:

  • Quartz nails
  • Ceramic nails
  • Titanium nails

Quartz nails are known to heat up very fast, giving you your first in a few seconds. Conversely, ceramic nails take longer to heat up but are better than ceramic nails at retaining the heat. Titanium nails offer the best of both worlds in that they heat up very fast and retain the heat excellently. However, titanium nails are rare in dab rigs because titanium is neither classified as a food-grade nor a medical-grade material.

A timer can help you heat the nail to a specific temperature when dabbing. Furthermore, it can help you accurately let the nail cool to your preferred temperature for dabbing concentrates. 

Electric dab rigs do not require a timer. Some of them come with variable voltage batteries or they feature adjustable temperature settings. These features enable you to choose your ideal temperature setting for the nail/ coil’s ensuring you consistently get your perfect dabs.

Clean your nail after each dab

Keeping the nail of your dab rig clean always ensures you get smooth and flavorful dabs each time you use the device. The first step to ensure the nail is always clean is dabbing at low temperatures which helps prevent any char, ash, or residue from burning or sticking into the nail. 

You can also use cotton swabs, soaked in isopropyl alcohol, to clean any residue or char left on the coil after using the dab rig. This cleaning procedure should be done gently to avoid breaking or fracturing the nail. If you can not remove the dirt on the nail using cotton swabs, you can sparingly raise the heat level in the dab rigs until the dirt evaporates leaving the banger clean.


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