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Given the fact that this sport is a full-contact martial art, every athlete needs sports insurance for kids to be admitted to training and competition.

Kudo, as a sport, originated in 1981. The discipline combines the techniques of karate, judo and muay Thai. According to the trainers, this is a purposeful discipline for harmonious spiritual and physical development.

Who needs insurance for kudo

Athletes who practice kudo professionally and at an amateur level need accident insurance. During training or competition, as in any kind of martial arts, there is a risk of injury.

The list of possible injuries in Kudo is huge, but there are several injuries that Kudo wrestlers encounter most often:

  • Knee injuries;
  • Muscle sprains;
  • Hand joint injuries;
  • Head trauma.

Most accidents in kudo happen during competition. This is due to the overwork of athletes, as well as increased physical and emotional stress, which lead to errors in the technique of performing techniques.

The policy covers any sports injuries, the athlete can pay with insurance compensation for treatment or rehabilitation.

What risks are covered by the insurance

The insurance is designed to take into account the risks of injury in this sport.

Sports insurance for kudo covers:

  • The onset of temporary disability;
  • The onset of disability;
  • Development of critical illness;
  • Death of the insured person.

The insurance has coverage all over the world and makes it possible to travel to competitions abroad.

Types of insurance for practicing kudo

On our website, there are several types of insurance for kudo, which differ in goals and terms:

  • Participation in one competition (the term of the contract is from 1 day);
  • Traveling abroad for training camps or outdoor activities (the term of the contract is for the duration of the trip);
  • Training and daily sports activities (contract period up to 1 year).

You can buy insurance for kudo for a child and an adult athlete. Round-the-clock insurance policies are available for children. The policy is issued within a few minutes, after which all insurance data is included in a single insurance database. This gives athletes the opportunity to apply for a policy immediately before a competition in Russia or traveling abroad.

How long can I get insurance for kudo

Insurance for kudo classes is issued for a period from one day to one year. For training and regular competitions, it is advisable to purchase insurance for a year. Such a policy will provide insurance coverage for any sporting events anywhere in the world for 365 days. You can also insure an athlete only for the duration of one or more sporting events.

When issuing a policy for children, the most rational package is a policy with round-the-clock coverage for 1 year. When buying such insurance, the child no longer needs to draw up an additional package of insurance services – participation in competitions or training camps, both in Russia and abroad.

What to do in case of an accident

In the event of an accident, it is imperative to seek medical help at the hospital. After undergoing treatment and being discharged from the medical institution, it is very important to take an extract from the clinic indicating the diagnosis and the course of the treatment performed. Also, the certificate must contain the “wet” seal of the hospital and the doctor.

What documents are needed to receive the insurance payment

The minimum package of documents must be submitted to the insurance company – an identity card of the insured, an insurance contract, an extract from the clinic, an application.

The entire package of documents required to obtain insurance compensation must be (if the NA occurred abroad) notarized with a translation into Russian. The documents, together with the attached application for payment, must be sent to the office of the insurance company no later than one month from the date of the accident.

You can find out the address of the insurer’s office on the contact page. Here you can also ask any question you are interested in by an IC specialist.

Electronic policy – insurance for kudo online

Electronic insurance for kudo is a policy ( see sample ) issued in accordance with the laws and regulations of insurance. Such insurance has absolute legal force and is no different from a policy on a letterhead.

The advantage of online insurance is a preliminary calculation of the cost of the policy.

An athlete can independently find out the price of his policy using a special calculator, it is necessary to indicate the athlete’s age, insurance period, and the amount of insurance liability.

After selecting all the required parameters, the system will automatically calculate the price of the policy.

You can find more information about the advantages of electronic insurance, answers to most of the asked questions can be found on the question-answer page.

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