Going to an important meeting? Or have an event coming up but you don’t feel much confident? Wipe off that look on your face and find out how to get glowing smooth skin to shine through the day. For men, a must-have secret is to own the people by giving off the great scent!

In dry seasons your skin may get very rough and in summers it may produce too much oil and sweat, thus ruining the skin texture. There’s a lot of people who complain about sudden blemishes, acne breakouts and dull skin. It happens due to dry skin, loss of collagen, sun damage and lack of exfoliation. A number of treatments have been introduced to improve skin quality. Although customers may be interested in the processed goods, there is a large variety of natural products that serve equal purpose in a much better way.

 A particular natural ingredient to be found is sandalwood from valuable East Indian trees. It has been used traditionally for over many years for medicinal purposes. Sandalwood is very effective for skin health too. Speaking about its impact, sandal has been used to make skin products like soap, face wash, serum and creams. There are many reasons to improve your skin care routine by looking at sandal face wash benefits as such:

 ·       It thoroughly cleanse your skin from impurities and dirt particles

·       It makes you look refreshing as it nourishes your skin

·       Makes your skin glow and look smooth after moisturizing deeply

·       Offers cure for your acne breakout and zits also

·Its herbal properties helps to lighten scars on face 

Following a proper step by step procedure for skin care makes the end result more worthwhile. There are 3 fundamental steps that you should keep in mind for an easy skin care routine that assist in preserving your skin and keeps it healthful and maintained, and reduces signs of aging, wrinkles, weariness as a result of the polluted environment, etc. The easy steps are 

         1.   Cleansing- washing your face should come before anything else. No matter how busy you are, take out some time to wash your face at intervals. The environment keeps the pore clogged and ruins skin complexion. Using a sandal face wash can benefit your skin in many ways by making it shiny and reducing redness caused by pimples. You can also use cleansers that are appropriate for people with dry, rough skin and eczema inclined skin.

2.      Toning- a toner is widely used to rejuvenate the beauty of our skin by removing dead cells and boosting hydration. It also helps in getting rid of makeup residuals, oil or dust left on skin after cleansing.

3.      Moisturizing- the last but not the least step is very important for our skin. It keeps our skin hydrated and moist, and makes the skin become soft and smooth. There is a variety of skin-friendly moisturizers that keep your skin damp as well as makes it well-nourished.

Following basic skincare is one way to achieve the perfect skin. Yet there are many other ways to build the skin that is acne-free, soft and smooth. A nutritious diet plays a vital role in eliminating toxins and impurities from our skin and body. Now, you must be wondering what are those magic foods that can clear your skin from all the problems. Following is a list of some key food that are  effective in making our skin beautiful and glowing:

1.            Water is the most significant factor in making our skin soft and smooth

2.            Oats are antioxidants and boost our immunity system against any skin problem or infections

3.            Corn oil benefits our skin by reducing inflammation

4.            Olives can be used to protect skin cells from disturbance

5.            Eggs are a reliable source to keep our skin hydrated and resilient

6.            Mangoes reduce the wrinkles on face and contributes to the maintenance of skin cells


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