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If we think of spending time in Rajasthan, whenever this place came to our mind, we start imagining deserts, hot climates, dunes, camels, and many more. But let’s look towards Mount Abu’s beauty, which is considered the beautiful hill station of Rajasthan, its cool atmosphere, waterfalls, and conifer forests. All our thoughts start moving in the opposite direction.

Mount Abu is a small and attractive hill station in Rajasthan embellished by flourishing green forests and filled with lakes’ natural beauty, the architecture and carvings of temples, and historical forts’ heritage, monuments, and Havelis make it a major tourist spot.

For many ages, Mount Abu is driving every visitor’s heart and brain, whether Indian or foreigner, with its natural beauty.


When it comes to visiting Mount Abu, the first thing that comes to every tourist’s mind is the famous tourist point they can see while going to Mount Abu. Disclosing the best royalty of ancient times, Mt. Abu offers various favorite spots for enjoying holidays like Wildlife Sanctuary, Peace Park, Guru Shikhar Peak, Sunset Point, Abu Road, Nakki Lake, and many more.

Major tourist attraction spots in Mount Abu

The most attractive tourist place is Dilwara Jain temple, one of the most extraordinary and incredible architecture pieces in the country. If you are an architecture lover, you should not miss seeing this temple while visiting Mt Abu.

The city of Mount Abu has been rewarded with beautiful surroundings, including conifer forest waterfalls, etc. Apart from it, adventure lovers can experience a plethora of adventures. From camping below the glittering nights to rowing the boat in Nakki Lake, Mount Abu is conferred with some of the best adventure activities.

When it comes to looking for peace where one can relax and spend time, Mount Abu’s Sunset point comes to visitors’ minds where they can enjoy, calm, and feel relaxed. Another option that tourists can choose is to go boating in Nakki Lake and enjoy the sunset view.

Visiting Mt Abu and not enjoying the beautiful city’s summer festival is just like enjoying food without salt. The summer festival, which lasts for two days, is held in May on the occasion of Budh Poornima. It is the most lovable and most visited activity by tourists. Artists perform various traditional folk dances during this festival and other interesting activities such as dance, music, competitions, shows, and fireworks. Besides, that tourists can enjoy the traditional food of Rajasthan in the food stalls.

Keeping flora and fauna in mind, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is considered an essential part of the beautiful mountain ranges extending 7 kilometers in length and 300 meters wide. Numerous tourists visit the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary for exploring, yet most visit for the creatures and animals. This beautiful sanctuary also contains the essence of floral magnificence. You can discover numerous orchids, roses, and bamboo at the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary.

While visiting Mount Abu, these famous spots will discover an enchanting entry in the heart of every tourist.

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