Life cannot follow a routine. Busy schedules, work round the clock, family duties, whoops! Sounds exhausting. Your body needs to cool down, your lungs need to inhale the fresh air, your eyes deserve eye-pleasing sights, you have to be reborn once in a while! One way to refresh yourself is by taking vacations. Going out with family or friends, that is a whole new experience altogether rather than throwing parties every weekend. To be even precise, trekking or hiking will let you do a lot of things. There is walking, climbing, sweating, relaxing, and whatnot. You need not climb Mt. Everest for a matter of fact! All you need is to know some places, perfect weekends, people and enthusiasm. Here I am to take you on a short yet exciting trek virtually that I am pretty sure you will fix up your mind to do the trek yourself!

 India is a collection of everything. We have mixed cultures, various places, and multiple locations like no other country. Sit down and keep your eyes wide open to know about a captivating trek in Karnataka!

 The Tadiandamol Peak is the tallest peak in Kodagu or Coorg and the third highest peak of Karnataka. Standing at an elevation of 1748m above sea level, the trek is so popular for beginners and attracts tourists from southern India. Also, it is a Western ghats trek that falls in the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary of the Bhagamandala Range Forest. The trek will test your endurance in case you decide to walk. Difficult to walk? No worries, you could complete half of the trek by vehicle. Thus, it is a good option for nature lovers and for anyone who is beginning their “Trekking” career!

 How do I reach?

 Walkers or hikers would trek directly from the village of Kakkabe. You could also reach the starting point by vehicle since the road is smooth and regular. The trek starts from Nalakand Palace and this 3km stretch from Kakkabe is filled with greenery and will definitely shape your mood for the trek. The next stop, the Big Rock is at the base of the hill. Ideal for camping since it has camping accommodation and a river nearby. Waterfalls on the way will surprise you. The trail after the Big Rock gets interesting, deep, and dark. Its forest, flora, and fauna around you.

 Why Tadiandamol Peak Trek?

 1. Witness the Green hills while climbing

 Standing on top of the peak, you would see dense lush forest till the end of your vision! The rolling hills will mesmerize you and leave you in awe. Turn in any direction, you won’t be disappointed. Mind you while you plan, during monsoons and post monsoons, your view will be hindered by clouds. It’s wise you choose some 3 to 4 days in summer to not miss a thing.

 2. Stunning Evergreen forests of Shola

 The trek will lead you through the rolling green grassland till you reach the top. It will introduce you to the varieties of fauna and flora. Arecanut (Betel nut) trees, Nutmeg trees, fishtail palms, coffee, pepper are some common folks out there. You are lucky if you could spot millipedes, Versicolor lizards, and species of butterflies. No worries if you are alone trekker, leeches might accompany you all the way throughout the trek!

  1.     Boulder point to peak Tadiandamol

 Boulder Point is the next step after the base of the hill. The mud path throughout the way will take a solid of 1.5 hours to reach the boulder point. Close to 200m after a river crossing, voila, a check-post to ensure that you are not left alone. Ahead from Boulder point, it could get slippery. Another 1.5 hours to reach the top. You could see the thick Shola forests. You might be covered by mist and clouds at this elevation. Don’t worry, it won’t threaten your vision. On the top, all your tiredness will fly away by the beauty of the view. Lucky if it drizzles and makes it even more perfect!

 Beautiful cottages will keep you warm. Moonlight dinners will lighten your mood. The green dense forest and the fresh wind will carry you along its way and make you light. Your perfect little happy destination!




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