• Wildlife Photography:

The Har-Ki-Dun Trek is situated at the base of the mighty peak of “Fateh Parvat” in the Garhwal Himalayas. The cradle-shaped hanging valley provides a myriad of mesmerizing explorations from nature’s compassion to bird-watching. This valley is scattered with Himalayan flowers and packed with exciting wildlife. Going down Osla you encounter deer and bores before strolling to the Har Ki Dun Pass. 

  • Mountaineering:

The Har Ki Dun trek difficulty level is easy to moderate. It is perfect for beginners in the field of mountaineering. Tucked away in the Garhwal Himalayas, this trek is one of the most sought-after treks. Har Ki Dun, known as the hanging valley, makes you experience some of the most wonderful scenes. Soak in the beauty of the place with dense alpine forests along with the spectacular view of the peaks.

  • Bird-watching:

When you undergo the Har Ki Dun trek, there are numerous occasions when you can watch birds in the sky and on the trees. The Himalayan Monal, the state bird of Uttarakhand, also known as Impeyan monal, can be spotted here. Found in the Himalayas, it is ranked amongst the most beautiful birds of India. Other birds that are found in Himalayas include Black bulbul, Himalayan Quail, Griffon vulture, Golden eagle etc. Bird-watching reduces stress and helps you enjoy your leisure time with the nature, away from your busy lives.

  • River Rafting:

Joining the Yamuna, we have the Tons River in the north-western part of the Dun Valley. This turbulent river offers a lot of adventurous activities like white river rafting, kayaking, body surfing et-cetera to the adventure seekers. The source of Tons river lies at the convergence of two river branches – the Rupin River and the Supin River. The one we are talking about is the Supin river, which emerges from Har-Ki-Dun Valley in the north-north-eastern area of the Tons catchment.

  • Sightseeing:

You can see the Jamdhar glacier trekking 4 km downwards from the Har-Ki-Dun Valley, towards the Swargarohini Peak. However, in order to reach the main Jamdhar Glacier, you must travel 10 km. The beautiful Morinda Tal has located 3 km from Har-Ki-Dun. Trekking back, you may also visit the famous Duryodhana temple at Osla Village for its beautiful architecture. Ruinsara Tal, a high altitude lake, is another important tourist expedition from Har-Ki-Dun.

  • Traipsing through the forests:

Be prepared to be awestruck by the beauty of the coniferous forest at Jarmola. Traipse through the largest and the most beautiful pine jungle in Asia. The Har Ki Dun trail goes through the dense forests of chestnut, chinars and walnuts. Soak in the beauty of the rich alpine forests with lush greenery. The ravishing valley of Har Ki Dun takes you through mesmerizing jungles of pine and deodar trees and lush green grasslands.

  • Stargazing at Campsites:

During the trek, you get to spend nights in tents at certain campsites. The clean and pollution-free air at these altitudes makes you able to witness the night skies at their best. From the tents, you can gaze at the sky with billions of twinkling stars. If lucky enough, you may also be able to witness the galaxy from there. 

  • Camping with Bonfire:

Enjoy camping at high altitudes with the majestic Himalayas gazing at millions of stars above in the clear skies. Experience the joy of bonfire during camping with some snacks, dinner and overnight at the camp. Staying overnight in camps under the clear skies with billions of magnificent stars is magical. The campfire in the cold weather is always a refreshing delight to the trekkers.

  • Meeting the Locals:

Towns and villages of Uttarakhand have religious memorials forming the ground of the locals’ history. Meet these benevolent people who admire travellers and have wonderful unforgettable experiences. Discover their traditions and practices as these people keep culture and religion close to their hearts.

  • Watching sunrise and Sunset:

Get the opportunity of experiencing the mesmerizing sunrise while being at Sankri. Also, get to watch the beautiful sunset behind the Himalayas with the glittering view of the Swargarohini peak from there. This makes Sankri an ideal basecamp situated amidst the ridges.

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