Choosing the right Robotic Process Automation tool for your organization can be challenging as the pandemic bought hurdles no one imagined before. So here in this article, you will find some of the best RPA tools out there that are Paid, Open – Source and Free.

Top 5 Paid Robotic Process Automation Tools to use in 2021

1) Automation Anywhere: A global leader in RPA with more than 1000 pre-build automation solutions, it is the first and world’s largest marketplace for Software bots.

2) Blue Prism: With its easy drag and drop functionality to automate a business process without any hustle, Blue Prism is the most trusted and secure RPA platform of choice for the Fortune 500 and public–sector market.

3) Pega Platform: Pega Platform’s operational excellence cruises through a business transformation with AI automation, event-driven approach and a simple UX with more focus on customer engagement capabilities.

4) Laserfiche: A leader in CMS (Content Management System), its powerful workflows, analytics and document management, eliminates manual paper-based work. With 30 years of experience, Laserfiche offers the ideal RPA solutions.

5) Automate by HelpSystems: Since 1984, Automate has gained the trust of 15000+ organisations across 100+ countries and provides 5x value as compared to other RPA solutions. Their automated bots bring ease on both organisational and individual level with scalability advancements.

Top 6 Open source Robotic Process Automation Tools

1) Automagica: Built on TensorFlow and Python, Automagica’s automated reporting, browser automation and other features have made it effortless for organisations, with End to End support, to carry out cross-platform integrations and conduct audit, reporting etc.

2) Robot Framework: Its capability to understand and emphasise natural or human-readable language, Robot Framework is a generic framework for both RPA and Test Automation. It functions on Python but can also run on Jython and IronPython (.NET).

3) TagUI: Available under Apache 2.0 license, it is a command-line tool for RPA which enables R and Python integrations for Windows, macOS and Linux with easy installation and does not raise the requirement for coding knowledge. It is free for both commercial and non-commercial use.

4) NICE: The “Challenger in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, 2019”, NICE, offers desktop analytics that monitors employees’ daily activities. With ML & Deep Learning, the automation finder suggests what tasks can be automated (front and back office) and help in efficient consumption of time by employees.

5) RoboCorp: Based on cloud-native technology, it offers the developers liberty to experiment more with just minimal setup.

6) Taskt: Built on .NET Framework, Taskt carries the capability to perform automation on desktop applications and web. This allows businesses to automate anything from Data entry to Report Generation. This RPA software helps SMEs, Mid-Cap as well as Large-Cap organisations perform up to their optimum capacity and reform normal day to day operations. They also act as a stepping stone for a business who are reluctant to automate their processes.

Finding the best Robotic Process Automation consultant will help you to navigate challenges around selecting a tool and automating mundane processes. 

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