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First thing first this is one of the most effective platforms of social media advertising. People are getting more and more leads through Facebook ads for their business. Some Facebook ads for any kind of product can increase sales exponentially. This is one of the most potential services of Facebook. And as you know Facebook owns Instagram as well. That is why you can run Instagram ads as well through the Facebook ad panel. And here we would include that Instagram ads are as much effective as Facebook ads. Both ads are doing the same work. On both platforms, you have used an effective sales funnel to build a high potential audience.

Do not expect much initially: 

Here in social media ads especially Facebook ads, you can sell your products directly. Although, this is not any rule anywhere in Facebook guidelines. You can sell your product directly if you want. But in this method, you can not get the best results. Because most people do not come here for the sake of buying something. They use Facebook to entertain themselves and in the situation, if you would try to sell them some they will never buy your products. Here you have to grab your potential audience in a sales funnel. 

So do not try to sell your products directly.

Make a sales funnel:

Now as I mentioned previously that you have to let your audience enter your sales funnel. Because without knowing you they will never buy anything from you. And for that, you have to provide them something without paying anything. That could not anything but the deal is that should be useful for your users. Suppose you want to sell the test series of the SSC exam. Then, in that case, you can offer some free test series first. And in return, you can ask for the user’s email. So that you can build your email list to mail them later. And if you mail them once they know you properly then that would be easy for them to buy your test series. At the same time, you can sell your other services as well. A user once gives you the email and as well as you they found you as a valuable source then your Facebook ads will get succeed.

Do not choose the wrong option:

Do not choose the wrong option while making a Facebook ad. Because it will give the same as you ask for. This is the rule you get that one whatever you would ask for.  If you want brand awareness then you can not select the lead generation option. Sometimes people do this because they want leads in a less amount. And brand awareness ads are cheaper than lead generation. That is why they think that they would get success to generate leads with brand awareness ads. But this is not possible in that situation Facebook will increase your post reach only and with only you can get more leads.


At the end of this article, I would like to suggest that if you want to get the best results from Facebook ads. Then you have to spend time and money on it because after spending sometimes you can understand the pattern correctly. Because sometimes it does not give the instant results you have to get stick with it for some time. But I can ensure you that after getting expertise in Facebook ads you can have the best possible results. And if you want to buy real Facebook page followers then you can visit our website. After increasing your Facebook page follower you do not have to invest too much money in Facebook ads.

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